Teacher : Petrus Uys Hoffman

About Me #

As a passionate teacher, it will be a privilege and bring me great joy to teach and make a positive difference in the students’ lives. I enjoy teaching and helping students to build character, self-esteem and confidence and add to their quality of life. Seeing these students achieve a certain level of competence gives me great satisfaction. It is important for me to focus on developing the students’ individual skills and see how they apply knowledge to overcome minor limitations. I can effectively apply my own knowledge of remedial education to support the students with learning difficulties and love to see how they perform at their individual levels of ability. I have the necessary skill set and personal character traits to create a comfortable atmosphere and safe classroom environment for students. I can easily adapt my method of teaching to involve all the students and use my creativity to prepare content in line with the level of the students’ ability. After completing my educational studies I travelled overseas to obtain new teaching and learning experience. I would like to build my teaching career and work alongside a management team and colleagues to contribute, perform and achieve at the highest level of expectation.
I am hard working, dedicated, energetic and a team player. With more than 10 years of teaching experience I have developed exceptional skills in teaching students from various age groups, backgrounds and on different levels of ability. I am compassionate, friendly and have lots of patience.
I’ve completed a four year diploma in education to teach primary and secondary school students and in 2004 I graduated with a B.Ed. Honours degree in Educational Management and Training. The knowledge I was taught included education systems, curriculums and legislation in terms of educational law and -policy. Major subjects included Guidance, Remedial Education and Computer Science. I’ve travelled to London in the United Kingdom, where I’ve gained mainly practical teaching experience working as a supply teacher. My teaching career progressed into becoming a development manager in 2012 and
literally took flight in 2017 when I travelled to Beijing, China, to teach English as a Foreign Language teacher. After returning from China in 2020 my contract as an English Language teacher was ended (mainly due to the lockdown). From here onwards I’ve been involved in teaching online classes and e-learning, where I taught English online through various training centres in China. I am currently still searching to find a suitable position as an English Language teacher and wish to return to China as soon as possible. I’ve also been involved with Curriculum- and program-development for students with learning disabilities and special educational needs. With Remedial Education (as one of my major subjects) and experience of curriculum development I could provide help and support to these students by applying this knowledge in practice. Working outside of the educational field, I’ve been involved in financial planning where I’ve used my computer skills, administrative skills and organizational abilities to build my own client base. The need to broaden my knowledge levels and make a difference in other people’s lives, urged me to focus more on education. I have excellent computer skills and programming knowledge and have a natural sensibility towards languages. I am especially skilled and competent to teach in English. I have experience managing a computer centre, with specialized computer equipment to support students with physical difficulties, impairment and disabilities. As part of my interest in computers I’ve completed a course in AutoCAD (Computer Aided Draughting) in 2007. Some qualities that can be observed in my character, includes:

  • Management and leadership skills;
  • Working together as a dependable team player in a management team;
  • Punctuality and consistency in my work-ethic;
  • Excellent administrative and organizational skills;
  • Computer literate and skilled with extensive knowledge of program development;
  • Analytical thinker, results-driven with perseverance
    and a positive attitude to work consistently towards targets;
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and committed to achieving goals;
  • Creative, energetic, passionate.
    I always strive to maintain a good relationship with my employer and staff members and handle conflict situations confidential and with sensitivity. As a colleague I am dependable, honest, positive, consistent and supportive. It would be a privilege to work alongside colleagues who shares the same passion in a welcoming work environment. I’d love to get involved in social and group activities which the school has to offer. Regarding further education and training, I believe in life-long learning and look forward to further developing my skills in education in the near future. I am currently employed and involved in the development of study materials to teach students online.
    I need to secure a teaching (or leadership role as part of a management team) within a company who can offer a stable income and long term contract with benefits and growth opportunities.
    Having a good support system and the opportunity to further develop my teaching skills, will be a great advantage and positive consideration for me to accept a teaching position at this school.
    I am available to immediately accept a teaching position and will make myself available for an interview and proper introduction. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Qualifications #

Bachelor’s Degree (B.Ed. Hons.) in Education Major in your degree and where got it:  Remedial Education; Computer Science; Guidance & Native English speaker.  North West University Potchefstroom, SA

Professional Experience #

Homeroom Teacher (Grade 4 & 5 combined)
Vryburg CVO School / Vryburg, North West Province, South Africa
/ Feb 2022 – Present Subject education in –
Afrikaans (Grade 4 up to Grade 7); History (Grade 4,5); Natural Science
(Grade 4,5,8,9); Geography (Grade 4,5,8,9); Technology (Grade 7 to Grade 9);
Life oriëntation skills Theory (Grade 4,5) and Practical up to Grade 11;
Agricultural management practice (Grade 10 and Grade 11)
➢ Involvement with extra-curricular activities (Athletics, rugby, arts & drama)
Online English Teacher
Contract with ‘Hello Tom’ (training centre for Early Childhood Development in Tai’an,
China) from Still bay, Western Cape, South Africa
/ Apr 2020 – Present Preparing online lesson materials to teach and develop English speaking and communication skills. Presenting English lessons (children of 4-6 years), using an online teaching platform. (12 Students per class.) Compiling and editing of video recordings to review lesson content and practice English Language Skills.
English as a Second Language Teacher
Xixin Primary School (Hanrick Education Recruitment Agency) / Shunyi, Beijing, China
/ Nov 2017 – Mar 2020 Teaching basic English Language Communication Skills
(grade 1 to grade 6 students – 12 classes of 40 students per class) Script-writing and coaching students in the performing arts Developing English learning materials and recording of English lessons for Hanrick Education to use as standalone applications. Presenting English lessons online. Teaching morning reading classes
(Speaking-, listening-, reading- and communication skills)
Homeroom Teacher and Curriculum Development Consultant
Orania CVO Skool / Orania Volkskool / Orania, Northern Cape, South Africa
/ Apr 2014 – Oct 2017 Homeroom Teacher, facilitating to support students on different levels of ability and focusing on various learning areas (grade 4-12). Self-driven Curriculum Development Consultant – various subjects (grade 4-9)
Designing a computer system using HTML & developing of learning materials. Development Manager
Raslouw Education / Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
/ Jan 2012 – May 2013

  • Developing Curriculum content and managing work schedules.
  • Organising extra-curricular activities, school excursions and gala events.
  • Teacher for Grade 7s. (Learning areas included Life Sciences (Biology), Technical Drawing,
    Engineering and Graphical Design, Human and Social Sciences, Arts
    and Culture.)
    ➢ Coaching extra-curricular activities (Cross country running, athletics, chess, cricket, tennis and rugby)
    Teacher (for students with Special Education Needs)
    The Gateway School / Johannesburg (East Rand), Gauteng, South Africa
    / Mar 2011 – Dec 2011
  • Learner support (Students with physical and mental disabilities)
  • Developing student’s social skills and abilities in order to be independent
    and self-sufficient.
  • Building character, self-esteem and confidence to achieve a certain level of
    competence in line with individual skills and knowledge criteria while guiding
    students to overcome some minor limitations.
  • Applying Remedial Education Skills to support those students with learning
  • Improving the quality of life for these students, making them feel comfortable
    in a safe environment where they can easily adapt to their surroundings.
  • Managing the school’s computer centre – using computer based applications
    and specialized equipment to teach computer skills to students with severe
    disabilities and different types of physical impairment.
  • Attending parent-teacher-student conferences and meetings. Marketing and Sales Consultant
    Old Mutual Life Insurance / Pretoria (Menlyn), Gauteng, South Africa
    / Jun 2013 – Mar 2014
  • Financial services and solutions regarding retirement planning, life insurance, personal- and business insurance and investments.
  • Conducting a complete financial needs analysis.
    Financial Adviser
    Sanlam Life Insurance / Warmbaths & Nylstroom, Northern Province, South Africa
    / Jul 2008 – Feb 2011
  • Financial advice – financial solutions and services such as retirement planning,
    life insurance, personal- and business insurance, group insurance, investments,
    budgets, submission of tax certificates, estate planning, wills and trusts,
    quotations for short term insurance and medical schemes.
  • Conducting a complete financial needs analysis
  • Building my own practice with a portfolio of 200+ clients to review annually.
  • Practical experience as a temporary teacher for various schools
  • and educational institutions in South Africa
  • Temporary and contractual work /
  • Johannesburg (East Rand), Gauteng, Northern Province, Western Cape, South Africa
  • / Jan 2007 – Jun 2008
  • Experience gained in subjects taught at Primary and Secondary Schools:
    o Computer Studies (major) (Application technology & Programming)
    o Languages (Afrikaans & English 1st and 2nd Language
    o Economical- and Management Science (Business Economics)
    o Life orientation / Life skills (major)
    o Mathematics (grade 4 to grade 10)
    o Natural Science / Life Science (Biology)
  • Experience gained in subjects taught at Primary Schools only:
    o Natural Science; Human- and Social Science; Arts and Culture;
    Technology; Mathematics
  • Experience gained in subjects taught at Special Educational Needs level:
    o Remedial Education (major)
    o Computer Application Technology (CAT)
    Exploring career opportunities while traveling overseas
    and gaining more experience after completing my degree in 2004
    Recruitment Agencies (SANZA, Classroom, ImpiGroup) / London, Europe
    / Jan 2005 – Dec 2006
  • Working as a supply teacher in primary and secondary schools in England.
  • Working shifts as a security officer, guarding buildings and entrances.
  • Part-time contract worker (physical maintenance) London’s underground

Preferred working city / province #

Beijing or more coastal city.

Type of school that you are interested in: #

International Primary / Middle

Salary expectation: #

RMB 30K + benefits/housing

Available time for an interview: #

as per agent

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