ESL Kids Lesson Plan teaching animal names

Introducing young children to new vocabulary through music and movement can be an engaging and memorable experience. Here’s a simple lesson plan that focuses on teaching animal names and incorporates songs for kindergarteners 3 to 5 years old.

Objective: #

Students will be able to identify and name various animals and will learn a song related to the animals.

Materials Needed: #

Large flashcards or pictures of animals. Audio device to play songs. Props or stuffed animals (optional). Introduction (10 minutes): Show the students a large picture of an animal and say the name. Ask if any students know the animal’s name or any facts about it. Introduce each animal this way, with a mix of common and uncommon animals.

Introduction (10 minutes): #

Activity 1: Animal Charades (15 minutes): Select a student to come up and whisper the name of an animal in their ear. The student then acts out the animal without using words, and the rest of the class guesses. Repeat with different students.

Activity 2: Animal Song (15 minutes):

“If You’re Happy and You Know It” Animal Version Verse 1: If you’re a [animal name] and you know it, [action]! (E.g., If you’re a monkey and you know it, swing your arms!)

Substitute with: Elephant – stomp your feet Snake – slither around Bunny – hop around Bird – flap your wings Fish – swim in place Teach the students the song, verse by verse. Encourage them to do the actions with each verse. Play or sing the song several times, picking up the pace as they get more comfortable.

Activity 3: Animal Match-Up (10 minutes):

Hand out a flashcard with an animal image to each student. Play a sound or say an attribute of an animal (e.g., “This animal likes to hop!”). Students with the matching animal (in this case, the bunny) should stand up and show their picture.

Conclusion (5 minutes): Review the animal names learned today. Sing the animal song once more, encouraging students to join in. Hand out coloring sheets of the animals learned for further reinforcement or as a take-home activity.

Extensions/Home Connections:

Send home a list of the animals learned and their actions from the song. Encourage students to teach their families the song and actions. Share a YouTube playlist or CD of more animal songs. Ask students to draw their favorite animal from the lesson at home and bring it in to share. This lesson plan is flexible and can be modified to fit the needs and interests of your students. Remember to always monitor student engagement and make adjustments as necessary.

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