ESL Kids Lesson Plan – Introduction to Nouns (ages 3-5) –

Objective: #

Students will be able to understand the concept of nouns as names of people, places, things, and animals.
Students will practice identifying and using nouns through songs, activities, and games.

Materials Needed: #

Flashcards with images (people, places, things, and animals)
Chart paper and markers
Toy items representing nouns (like a toy car, doll, etc.)
Internet access or CD player for playing songs

Introduction (10 minutes): #

Day 1: What is a Noun?
Activity 1: Noun Introduction
Ask students to look around the room and name what they see.
Write down their responses on the chart paper.
Explain that these names are called ‘nouns.’
Activity 2: Flashcard Game
Show them flashcards with images.
Ask them to name the image.
If they name it correctly, place the card in the appropriate category: people, places, things, or animals.
Song: “Nouns are Everywhere”
Nouns are everywhere, take a look and see,
People, places, things, and every animal you see.
A cat, a tree, a school, and me,
Nouns are names, as easy as can be!
Day 2: People and Places
Activity 1: Nouns in Our Class
Ask students to name people in the classroom (e.g., teacher, friend).
Discuss places they know (e.g., home, park, school).
Activity 2: Drawing People and Places
Give students drawing paper and crayons.
Ask them to draw their favorite place and the people there.
Song: “People and Places Song”
People and places, here and there,
Mom, dad, teacher, friend, and fair.
School, park, home, and zoo,
Nouns are fun, for me and you!
Day 3: Things and Animals
Activity 1: Things Around Us
Bring some toy items or things from the classroom.
Ask students to identify them.
Discuss the difference between living and non-living things.
Activity 2: Animal Parade
Show them pictures of animals.
Let them act like the animal shown.
Song: “Things and Animals Tune”
Cars, balls, and a big blue shoe,
Lions, birds, and a kangaroo.
Things we play with, animals in the zoo,
Nouns, nouns, we love you!

Day 4: Noun Hunt
Activity 1: Classroom Noun Hunt
Give students a checklist with categories: people, places, things, and animals.
Allow them to walk around the classroom (or even outdoors) to find nouns and list them.
Activity 2: Sharing Time
Let students share their lists.
Discuss any new nouns they might have found.
Song: “Noun Hunt Song”
On a noun hunt, what do we see?
A book, a desk, and a bumblebee!
Finding nouns is quite fun,
Everywhere, for everyone!
Day 5: Recap and Fun Game
Activity 1: Noun Charades
Prepare cards with nouns (some of which they’ve learned this week).
Let students pick a card and act it out. Others guess the noun.
Activity 2: Noun Collage
Let students cut out pictures from old magazines.
They can glue these onto a paper, categorizing them into people, places, things, and animals.
Song: “Nouns All Around”
Nouns, nouns, all around,
In the sky and on the ground.
Names of all we see and do,
Nouns, nouns, we love you!
Assessment: Observe students during the activities. Can they identify and categorize nouns correctly? During the recap session, ask individual students to name nouns from each category to gauge their understanding.

Extension: You can delve deeper by introducing proper nouns (specific names) vs. common nouns in the following weeks.
Interactive engagement is key. Adjust the activities based on your students’ pace and interest, ensuring that the learning environment remains fun and nurturing.

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