ABC Fun Time is a lively educational program for children, aiming to make alphabet learning enjoyable. Through interactive activities and creative exercises, it fosters language and literacy skills in a fun way, using music, storytelling, and hands-on experiences.

Objective: #

By the end of the lesson, learners will be able to recognize and recite the English alphabet and associate letters with specific sounds and words.

Materials Needed: #

Media platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.)

Digital whiteboard or screen share feature

ABC song video (e.g., “ABC Song” from YouTube)

Flashcards with the letters of the alphabet (virtual or physical)

Pictures corresponding to each letter (e.g., A for Apple, B for Ball, etc.)

Introduction (5 minutes):

  • Start with a greeting.
  • Explain what you’ll be learning today.
  • Use the digital whiteboard or screen share to show a complete alphabet chart.

Warm-up (5 minutes):

  • Play the “ABC Song” video. Encourage students to listen first.
  • Play the song again, this time asking students to join in and sing along.

Presentation (15 minutes):

  • Show the A flashcard and the corresponding picture (e.g., Apple).
  • Say: “This is A for Apple.”
  • Ask students to repeat after you.
  • Continue this process for each letter of the alphabet.
  • As you progress, ask students questions to check comprehension:
  • Show the B flashcard and ask, “What is this?”
  • Show the Ball picture and ask, “What letter is this for?”

Practice (10 minutes):

  • Play a game called “Show and Tell.”
  • Hold up a flashcard without the associated picture.
  • Ask students, “What picture goes with this letter?”
  • Students can either verbally answer or use reactions/emoticons on the media platform.
  • Play the “ABC Song” video again. This time, pause intermittently and ask students what the next letter is.

Review and Reinforcement (10 minutes):

  • Using the digital whiteboard or screen share, display the alphabet in a scrambled order.
  • Challenge students to arrange them in the correct sequence. This can be done by calling on students to say the next letter.
  • Play the “ABC Song” one final time, encouraging everyone to sing along.

Conclusion #

Recap what was learned in the lesson.

Ask students what their favorite letter or picture was.

Inform them about the next lesson or topic.

Bid them goodbye with an enthusiastic closing!


Make sure the session is interactive. Encourage students to participate by asking questions and prompting them to show understanding.

Use a variety of visuals to cater to different learning styles. Some children might connect more with the flashcards, while others might be more engaged by the songs.

If students are from diverse cultural backgrounds, consider incorporating examples familiar to their cultures.

Lastly, always ask for feedback after the lesson to see what worked best and what can be improved upon for future sessions.

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