Ordering at Olaf’s Coffee Shop is a delightful experience where patrons can enjoy a variety of gourmet beverages and treats. In this guide, we’ll explore the menu offerings, customization options, and tips for creating your perfect coffee experience. Join us for a journey of taste and indulgence at Olaf’s Coffee Shop.

Previous Class: #

  • Introduced foods and drinks offered at coffee shops.
  • Introduced key expressions through example conversations.
  • Practiced key expressions using flashcards and handouts.


  • Greet students and play ‘Sit Down If…’ to settle down.
  • Review key vocabulary and expressions from the previous class using a memory game.
  • Quickly go over key vocabulary to refresh memory.

Presentation (10 mins):

  • Introduce the concept of ordering at a coffee shop.
  • Engage students by revealing Olaf from Frozen as the special guest.
  • Teacher and co-teacher act out a typical conversation between a customer and a server.
  • Use PowerPoint slides to display text version of the conversation with pictures.
  • Repeat scenario with variations to reinforce key expressions.
  • Check comprehension after each scenario.

Practice (10 mins):

  • Play ‘Musical Olaf’ game.
  • Assign each student a flashcard indicating their role as a server or customer.
  • Students walk around the classroom and pair up when the music stops.
  • In pairs, students practice conversations using the flashcard prompts.
  • Rotate flashcards halfway through to ensure equal practice.

Production (10 mins):

  • Students pair up and act out scenarios in front of the class.
  • Each pair will be given a menu to create their own order.
  • Encourage students to use key expressions without prompts.
  • After each performance, ask the group comprehension questions.
  • Students applaud each pair and praise their efforts.

Conclusion: #

Summary & Closing (5 mins):

  • Act out scenarios using PowerPoint slides as prompts.
  • Volunteer student acts out a conversation with the co-teacher.
  • Thank students for their participation and hard work.


  • Note areas of struggle during production performances.
  • Consider students’ feedback on understanding (smiley, neutral, sad faces).
  • Address misunderstandings in closing or plan modifications for the next lesson accordingly.

Next Class: #

  • Build on coffee shop scenario.
  • Teach how to respond if an order is wrong and express special dietary requirements.
  • Play Pictionary to introduce new vocabulary.
  • Play jumbled sentences game to reinforce key expressions.
  • Practice creating sentences based on key expressions and vocabulary.

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