Regular dental visits are crucial for maintaining oral health and a bright smile. Despite potential apprehension, they’re vital for preventing issues and ensuring overall well-being. By prioritizing these visits, individuals can ensure long-term dental health.

Previous Class Recap #

  • Practiced scheduling appointments with the dentist.
  • Learned key phrases for making appointments.
  • Role-played dialogues as patients and receptionists.

Objective: #

1. Understand the experience of visiting the dentist.

2. Communicate and respond to questions about discomfort or pain.

3. Understand common dental procedures.

4. Practice interacting with a medical professional.

Materials Needed: #

1. Peppa Pig goes to the dentist video

2. PowerPoint Presentation

3. Going to the dentist worksheet

4. Cut-out flashcards with vocabulary

Introduction (5 mins)

Greet students and review previous lesson’s vocabulary.

  • Introduce today’s topic: Visiting the Dentist.
  • Discuss students’ feelings about going to the dentist.
  • Prompt discussion on reasons why people visit the dentist.

Presentation (30 mins)

  • Show Peppa Pig goes to the dentist video.
  • Present PowerPoint with key vocabulary and phrases.
  • Role-play dialogues between dentist and patient with co-teacher.
  • Review key expressions: toothache, cavity, filling, crooked, braces.
  • Role-play dialogues again to reinforce understanding.
Portrait of a dentist holding dental instruments in his hands in the clinic close-up

Practice (10 mins)

  • Distribute worksheets with dialogue, ask students to fill in missing words.
  • Provide flashcards with pictures and words for practice.
  • Students work in pairs, practicing dialogues as both dentist and patient.
  • Use flashcards to assist in role-play scenarios.

Production (10 mins)

  • Provide new role-play dialogue for routine dental check-up.
  • Students choose roles and act out dialogues with creative twists (e.g., as favorite characters).
  • Encourage confidence in speaking and correct pronunciation.
  • Offer incentives for students to perform dialogues in front of the class.

Conclusion #

  • Review key vocabulary and phrases as a class.
  • Quiz students on images displayed on PowerPoint.
  • Ask questions to assess understanding of the lesson.
  • Ensure all students feel encouraged and confident about visiting the dentist.

Evaluation of Objectives:

  • Note areas of difficulty during role-plays.
  • Assess student feedback on perceived difficulty of the lesson.
  • Offer extra practice for students struggling with pronunciation or understanding.
  • Prepare for the next lesson on visiting the pharmacy and picking up prescribed medication.

Next Class:

  • Remind students about the dentist visit lesson.
  • Introduce pharmacy visit and picking up prescribed medication.
  • Practice key phrases and vocabulary related to pharmacy settings.
  • Role-play scenarios related to pharmacy visits and medication pick-ups.

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