Teaching young learners to count to 100 can be an exciting journey when broken down into manageable chunks. Here’s a lesson plan for a week, incorporating activities and songs to make the learning process engaging.

Objective: #

Students will learn to count from 1 to 100.

Students will recognize and name numbers.

Students will enjoy counting through songs and movement activities.

Materials Needed: #

Number flashcards (1-100)

Large number chart (1-100)

Counting objects (beads, buttons, small toys, etc.)

Internet access or CD player for playing songs

Chart paper and markers

Introduction (10 minutes): #

Day 1: Introduction to Numbers and Counting to 10

Activity 1: Introducing Numbers 1-10

Show the flashcards for numbers 1-10.

Count aloud with the students.

Activity 2: Counting Objects

Use 10 objects. Count each object aloud as you place it in front of you.

Song: “Counting to 10 Song”

Let’s count to 10, it’s really fun,

Watch us go, ready? 1, 2, 3 and run!

4, 5, 6, almost there,

7, 8, 9, 10, in the air!

Day 2: Counting from 11-20

Activity 1: Introducing Numbers 11-20

Show the flashcards for numbers 11-20.

Count aloud with the students.

Activity 2: Jump and Count

For each number, have the students jump and count aloud.

Song: “Jumping to 20”

11, 12, jump up high,

13, 14, touch the sky.

15, 16, jump and spin,

17, 18, 19, 20, big wide grin!

Day 3: Exploring 21-50

Activity 1: Introduction to Numbers 21-50 on the Chart

Use the number chart to point and count.

Activity 2: Group Counting

Divide students into groups.

Each group counts objects up to a certain number.

Song: “Counting to 50”

21 to 30, we’re on a spree,

31 to 40, count with glee.

41 to 50, we’re halfway there,

Counting up, in the cool fresh air.

Day 4: Navigating 51-80

Activity 1: Using the Number Chart

Use the chart to identify and count numbers.

Activity 2: Count and Dance

Play music and pause intermittently. When the music stops, show a number and have the students shout it out.

Song: “Dancing to 80”

51, 52, groove to the beat,

53 to 60, dancing feet.

61 to 70, shimmy and sway,

71 to 80, we’ll count every day!

Day 5: The Home Stretch: 81-100

Activity 1: Final Counting with the Chart

Use the chart to point and count the last set of numbers.

Activity 2: Celebratory Count to 100

As a class, count from 1 to 100, celebrating their achievement.

Song: “100 Celebration Song”

81 to 90, the end is near,

91 to 100, give a big cheer!

From 1 to 100, we’ve counted today,

Hooray for numbers, hip-hip-hooray!

Assessment: Monitor students’ ability to recognize, name, and count the numbers. Gauge their participation in songs and activities to assess their understanding and enthusiasm.

Extension: For advanced learners or as a follow-up, introduce basic addition or subtraction using the numbers they’ve learned.

Counting to 100 is a significant milestone. Using songs, movement, and interactive activities makes the process memorable and enjoyable for young learners. Remember to modify the plan based on your students’ pace and the cultural context of the foreign school.

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