Teacher: May-lee van den berg

About Me #

I consider myself to be an optimistic, hardworking and self-motivated person who
possesses outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. I am able to work
in diverse and dynamic environments comprising teams or as an individual
exercising competent and consistent behavioral trait.
I am ambitious and self-disciplined and have the ability to work according to
required goals and deadlines. I enjoy taking on new challenges and have the ability
to handle pressure with enthusiasm. I believe I have strong problem- solving
abilities and present professionalism in my conduct at all times. My ability to learn
at a fast pace, my accuracy and attention skills ensure that I complete tasks
efficiently and effectively.

Qualifications #

Bachelor of Education Foundation Phase

Professional Experience #

Anurajaprasit School
English, Social Studies Teacher Currently working Roodepan Primary School English Teacher
Duration February 2020 – February 2022
Serene Trilingual Kindergarten English, Science Teacher
February 2023 – October 2023

Preferred working city / province #

Open to all

Type of school that you are interested in: #

Kindergarten, Primary

Salary expectation: #

20 000  RMB after tax

Available time for an interview: #

as per agent

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