Teacher : Maria Haleem

About Me #

Organized and dependable candidate successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Willingness to take on additional responsibilities to meet team goals. Knowledgeable English teacher with 8 years of experience teaching students’ language and literature.
Proficient in developing comprehensive grammar, writing and reading assignments for an average of 12 students. Motivated to help students develop a high level of proficiency in reading, speaking and writing in English. Passionate and dedicated English teacher from Canada with a proven track record of fostering a positive learning environment and helping students achieve academic success through engaging lessons, personalized support and effective communication skills . I believe in being patient with my students. We all make mistakes, it’s good to be accepting and understanding of students’ struggles. I take an active approach with my teaching such as using TPR and games to help students learn new concepts. All in all, I want students to enjoy the process of learning English.

Qualifications #

Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine

Professional Experience #

英孚教育Education First
English Teacher
Dec 2022 – Present
Prepared and implemented lesson plans covering required course topics for a class of up to 12 students
Built relationships with students to understand obstacles to learning such as illness, social hurdles or difficult home situations
Planned and implemented lessons to positively increase vocabulary and sentence structure skill
Established positive classroom management boundaries to create a safe, known environment for behavior among students
Utilized multimedia strategies and technology to convey information in fresh and interesting ways
Supported students in developing social and motor skills through structured activities and positive reinforcement techniques
Promoted a culture of inclusion, respect and collaboration in the classroom
小博士Little Genius English
English Teacher
Sep 2016 – Nov 2022
Created a hands-on curriculum to promote student interest and receptive learning
Monitored comprehension of material among students and created reteaching strategies to cover gaps in learning indicated by test
scores and quizzes
Successfully improved Chinese speaking students’ English grammar and vocabulary levels through written and interactive activities
Built a variety of formative and summative assessments to measure student progress
Kept classroom organized, clean and safe for students and visitors

Preferred working city / province #


Type of school that you are interested in: #

International schools and kindergartens.

Salary expectation: #


Available time for an interview: #

If it’s online, any day is fine. If in person, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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