【Shandong】High School ESL Teacher


  • Bachelor’s Degree or above.
  • Native English speakers only.
  • Minimum 2 years of teaching experience.

Job Details

  • 3.5 hours (13:30-17:00) on each Sunday afternoon.
  •  Students grade: Grade 10.  
  • Plan, prepare and deliver lessons.  
  •  Draft and submit qualified teaching plans and summaries in time.


  • Salary: RMB 360 per hour, paid by actual class hours.
  •  Can Start to work in August,2024

About Shandong #

Located along China’s northeastern coast, Shandong Province offers a captivating blend of history, landscapes, and culture. From ancient civilizations to modern achievements, Shandong’s legacy spans millennia. Join us as we explore its majestic mountains, picturesque coastlines, and historic sites, discovering why this province holds a special place in China’s cultural tapestry.

Dos And Don’ts #

Dos in Shandong:

  1. Explore Cultural Heritage: Visit historic sites like Mount Tai, Confucius Temple, and the ancient city of Qufu to delve into Shandong’s rich history and cultural heritage.
  2. Sample Local Cuisine: Indulge in Shandong’s culinary delights, including seafood dishes, Shandong dumplings (jiaozi), and the famous Lu cuisine.
  3. Enjoy Scenic Beauty: Take in the natural beauty of Shandong’s landscapes, from the sacred Mount Tai to the picturesque coastlines of Qingdao and Yantai.
  4. Experience Festivals: Participate in traditional festivals such as the Qingdao International Beer Festival, the Confucius Cultural Festival in Qufu, and the Lantern Festival.
  5. Respect Local Customs: Show respect for local customs and traditions, such as greeting others with a bow or handshake, removing shoes before entering homes, and addressing elders with proper titles.

Don’ts in Shandong:

  1. Disrespect Cultural Sites: Avoid disrespectful behavior at cultural and religious sites, such as climbing on monuments, littering, or speaking loudly in sacred places.
  2. Waste Food: In Chinese culture, wasting food is considered disrespectful. Try to finish what you order and avoid ordering more than you can eat.
  3. Ignore Environmental Conservation: Be mindful of the environment and avoid littering or damaging natural areas. Follow designated trails and dispose of trash properly.
  4. Disregard Local Customs: Be aware of local customs and avoid behaviors that may be considered offensive or inappropriate, such as pointing with fingers or displaying public affection.
  5. Overlook Safety Precautions: Stay safe by following safety guidelines, especially when hiking mountains or visiting coastal areas. Be cautious of uneven terrain and always obey warning signs and instructions.

Conclusion #

Shandong Province captivates with its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. From ancient sites to modern cities, visitors can immerse themselves in its heritage and landscapes. By embracing local customs and sampling cuisine, travelers experience Shandong’s vibrant culture. Whether marveling at mountains or savoring culinary delights, Shandong invites return visits to uncover more treasures.

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