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About Me #

I am writing to express my enthusiasm for the teaching position at your esteemed institution. With a diverse background spanning business ownership, journalism, and education, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences that I am eager to leverage to create dynamic learning environments for students. My journey in education began as an English Teacher at Yifan International, where I implemented innovative teaching methods that combined American and Chinese curricula. By incorporating Montessori principles and sensory exercises, I created energetic and engaging lessons that fostered language acquisition and exploration. As an English Teacher at Mentougou Primary and Beijing College of Politics & Law, I further honed my teaching abilities, focusing on building students’ confidence through drama and interactive activities. I also had the privilege of teaching business English, equipping students with practical skills for success in the professional world. My previous roles as a photojournalist, journalist, and stylist have provided me with invaluable communication and research skills, which I believe are essential for creating dynamic and engaging educational experiences. With a Bachelor of Education degree from North West University and certification as a foreign language teacher from TEFL Foundation, I am committed to ongoing professional development and ensuring that my teaching practices are informed by the latest research and best practices in education. In summary, I am excited about the opportunity to bring my passion for education, creativity, and diverse skill set to your institution. I am confident that my background and dedication to student success make me a strong candidate for this position.

Qualifications #

North West University B.A Education (2015) TEFL Foundation Certified foreign language teacher 120-hour certificate (2016) Market Photo Workshop Certificate Photojournalism & Documentary Photography (2013) Journalism Varsity College- IIE (2010)

Professional Experience #

Aha Li Chaba:
Business Owner
I currently run a recruitment agency for South African expats looking to work in Asia &
Middle East.
Yifan International:
English Teacher
I taught children aged 3, the curriculum incorporated both the American and the
Chinese syllabus. I borrowed heavily from Montessori principles. I designed lessons
encompassing all 5 senses. My classes were energetic, fun all while educational.
Students engaged in sensory exercises like singing, dancing, touching, tasting as an
effective way to associate words with places and things.
Duties: Facilitating (the reading corner) Lesson plans Art and games Sourcing materials
Mentougou Primary (Zhong Shi Fang Yuan):
English Teacher
( 2019)
I taught English to grades 1 to 3, I also taught drama. I was responsible for 5 different
classes. One of my great focuses with my students was building their confidence
through drama and reading classes. My main focus was to find fun and interactive ways
to incorporate technical English this often meant whilst following the syllabus I would
use games as a reinforcement tool.
Duties: Facilitating (reading, writing & oral) Lesson plans Marking Drama lessons Finding plays for the concert
Beijing College of Politics & Law:
Business English Lecturer
(2018 – 2019)
I taught business English, providing affective tools for students to be armed with beyond
the classroom and well into the workplace. I facilitated set-works and prescribed
Teaching corporate jargon while sharpening oral and written skills Meeting with foreign clients Sales pitches Negotiations Phone English Writing letters and emails to existing and potential clients abroad
Prepare students for the English-speaking world of business, business students and
entrepreneurship. Presentation practice Graduate school statement of purpose MBA interview practice Job interview preparation and simulation PowerPoint presentation editing
Goals/professional outcomes:
Graduates with aspirations of going into various corporate professions. Lawyers Bankers Engineers Software developers Hedge fund managers Accountants Consultants Entrepreneurship CFOs CEOs
Previous alumni who were under my tutelage currently work across all Beijing for
companies like Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba Group and other companies in multiple
Education First – EF:
English Teacher
(2016 – 2018)
I taught English for Education First for a couple of years. My core roles as a teacher
were lesson planning and facilitating the prescribed syllabus. I made a huge attempt to
understand my student’s specific needs and adapt accordingly. I assisted students with
preparations for important exams like the TOEIC, TEOFL or CELTA.
Duties: Preparing coursework materials Homework assignments Classroom management
The Star – Independent Newspapers:
Photojournalist & journalist
(2013 – 2015)
I started off as an intern in one of the oldest newspaper publications in South Africa
eventually earning my place in the newsroom. I conducted reportage of current affairs.
During my time with the newspaper, I had the opportunity to work under seasoned
mentors. While there I learned how to work with international wire services like Reuters.
Duties: Photography Sourcing from wire services Conducting interviews Fact-checking Research
Cosmopolitan Magazine – Associated Magazines:
Intern stylist
(2010 -2011)
I was required to have extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and to keep up with
trends. I was tasked with coordinating outfits for spreads in the magazine. Second to
that I was tasked with the role of shopper, sourcing clothes for shoots from boutiques
and major retailers.
Duties: Assisting senior stylist Sourcing clothing & accessories Researching fabrics & trends Trend forecasting
News Reader
During my time at UJFM, my duties required me to write news bulletins and report them
live on air.
Duties: Fact-checking Broadcasting general news live Reporting Compiling news bulletins Working with wire services

Preferred working city / province #

Big cities

Type of school that you are interested in: #

Salary expectation: #

Min 20K

Available time for an interview: #


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