Teacher: Thomas, Ramon Josez

About Me #

My approach or methodology to teaching English as a second language is to prioritize the student’s effort as the key factor in their learning journey. Everything I do as a teacher to teach a student is in vain if I am not able to motivate them to do their best, speak English in their everyday activities, and prioritize English language learning. I always strive to be effective, empathetic, enthusiastic, reliable, and responsible, with flexibility being of chief importance due to the unique differences between students. I believe in creating a dynamic learning environment through intensive instruction, learner-centered activities, and fostering critical thinking skills.

Qualifications #

Bachelors major in Computer Science 120 hours TEFL

Professional Experience #

 I am an English instructor to Korean children. I work for Chungdahm Bangbae following the Creverse syllabus. I teach children ranging from 6 to 15 years old. I have had extensive training on numerous occasions to equipt myself with the CDI methodology and skills necessary on top of a TEFL certificate to properly educate children English.

Preferred working city / province #

Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing or Guangdong

Type of school that you are interested in: #

Kindergarten or Primary School

Salary expectation: #

20,000 to 25,000 RMB

Available time for an interview: #

3pm or 4pm China time

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