Teacher : Natasha Laura Fourie

About Me #

My name is Natasha Laura Fourie, and I am excited to express my interest in the teaching position at your esteemed institution. With a robust educational background and diverse professional experiences, I am confident in my ability to contribute positively to your school community. My journey in education began with a Bachelor of Education degree from Nelson Mandela University, where I honed my skills in academic literacy, linguistics, and literature. Throughout my studies, I developed a passion for fostering critical thinking and language proficiency among students, preparing them for success in the modern world. My practical experiences complement my academic achievements. As a Teaching Assistant at Roodepan Primary School, I facilitated engaging English lessons, implemented effective teaching strategies, and provided personalized support to students. Additionally, my role as a Private Online English Tutor allowed me to leverage technology to create dynamic learning environments and tailor instruction to meet individual needs. I am fluent in Afrikaans, English, and possess intermediate proficiency in Portuguese, enabling me to connect with diverse learners and foster cross-cultural communication in the classroom. My technical skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and video conferencing platforms, further enhance my ability to deliver engaging and interactive lessons. As a dedicated professional, I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development, continuously seeking opportunities to refine my teaching practices and stay abreast of educational advancements. In conclusion, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to join your team and contribute to the academic success of your students. With my passion for education, strong interpersonal skills, and unwavering dedication, I am confident in my ability to make a meaningful impact in your school community. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how I can contribute to your institution further.

Qualifications #

  • High School Vredenburg (2010-2014)
    Subjects: English
    Life- Orientation
    Business studies
    Computer Literacy
  • Nelson Mandela University: Bachelor of education- Intermediate Phase Dates: 2015-2018
    Subjects: Academic literacy
    English Sociolinguistics
    Poetics and literary Theory
    Twentieth- Century Fiction
    Post colonial world literatures
    Topics In English Linguistics
    Fundamentals in Modernism
    Linguistic Theory
    Applied Language studies
    Research Methology Lit.
  • TEFL 120 Hours
  • Basic business skills course( 14-16 August 2017)
  • Business skills training for entrepreneurs(18 August 2017)

Professional Experience #

  • Waitress at panarottis West Coast Mall(Basic High School
    Holidays Employment)
    Dates: July – December 2014
    Duties: Managing and servicing Customers of food & food protocols
    Position: Waitress
  • Roodepan Primary School Kimberley:
    Dates: 2019-2020
    Position: English Teacher
    Subject: English
    Duties: Art & Games
    Sourcing Materials
    Lesson Plans
    Facilitating( Reading, Writing, & Oral)
    Students: Between ages 6 & Standard 5&6
  • Private Online English Tutor:
    Dates: 2022-2023
    Position: English Kindergarden Teacher
    Subject: English
    Duties: Powerpoint Presentation editing
    Lesson plans
    Sourcing Materials
    Facilitating ( Reading, Writing & Oral)

Preferred working city / province #


Type of school that you are interested in: #


Salary expectation: #

20 – 22 k after tax

Available time for an interview: #

As per agent

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